Radio helps get your message out

Despite the growing number of media choices in the U.S., broadcast radio easily has the greatest reach: 93 percent of adults, each month. That’s according to Nielsen’s latest “Audio Today” report, which was issued in June. And, if other forms of audio are included, that figure rises to 99 percent.

Radio performs even better among some groups. In fact, for Hispanics, the monthly reach of broadcast radio alone is 97 percent.

We at North American Network (NAN Radio) can help you harness that power—via our full range of cost-effective, earned-media services. These can involve one-on-one interviews, pre-recorded soundbites, or produced PSAs/features.

We can also specifically target different audiences and/or geographic areas—and produce alternate versions for them, including in Spanish and other languages.

Radio helps fill the “audience gap” that relying on just print, TV/video, and online can cause. No matter your needs, we’re here to help you get heard.