Why Radio?

North American Network is a PR Services firm that specializes exclusively in radio.

We do just one thing: We get your message on the air in your target markets. We’ve helped thousands of clients since 1985—and we know what works. News, program, and PSA directors rely on us to present interesting, local, and essential content.

Radio Reaches Your Target Audience

Just as you might say that a story is made for TV because of its eye-catching visuals, many stories are ideal for radio. What makes radio a unique medium?

Radio is Mobile

Radio is everywhere: It’s with us on the road, at the office, at home, at the gym, at the store, and on a jog. Long before the internet became truly mobile, radio was our on-the-go medium.

Radio is Local

Radio brings us our local traffic, our local weather, our local sports, and our local news.  Radio connects us to our communities.

Radio is Immediate

Radio can often get you the latest local news faster than TV. That’s because radio’s production process is quicker and more flexible. You can record a soundbite and get it—along with any other information—into a newsroom within minutes.

Radio is Cost Effective

Radio can deliver more consumers than other media. What’s more, its operational costs are often much lower.

Radio is Intimate

Listeners trust radio more than other media—and often have a special connection with on-air personalities. Your story on radio can change hearts and minds.
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Radio is Multilingual

Ask us about getting your story or message on Spanish-language and other multilingual stations.